An audibly better in-car sound experience for every music fan: The 4-channel amplifier A580DSP noticeably improves the sound of factory systems, and is controlled from the smartphone.

How can you do something for a weak sounding factory system at little expense, and also guarantee the customer ease of use? A fitting answer to this question is provided by Denny Krauledat, AXTON product manager at car media specialist ACR: „For the best possible user experience you need a compact DSP amplifier with comprehensive features that ideally you can install in the vehicle with plug and play, and control intuitively even without any previous knowledge. Our 4-channel amplifier A580DSP with app control combines all these requirements.“

Competitive edge through innovation

With their performance and innovative control concept the DSP power amps A430DSP and A480DSP already launched in spring 2016 made customers and the trade sit up and take note. With the A580DSP, AXTON also now have an iOS compatible model to logically extend this winning amplifier design. Denny Krauledat justifies this step as follows: „When we began with the development of the DSP amplifier series over a year ago it was immediately clear to us that the future lays in control from a smartphone app. With previous technologies we saw clear shortcomings in use and also in the price. We therefore want to differentiate ourselves quite clearly from other amplifiers, where the user has to inconveniently connect a notebook, or buy an additional remote control. These days every music lover is familiar with a smartphone, and so should also know how to use it with the A580DSP.“

Everything under control with the app

Control of the DSP is via a Bluetooth connection using a free app, available in the Apple App Store for iOS, or at for Android smartphones. The DSP has all the useful tools like time alignment, active crossover, and parametric equalizer. The time alignment can be set between 0 and 230 cm, while the 3-way active crossover provides high, low, and bandpass filters with a 6/12/18 or 24 dB slope. The fully parametric 7-band EQ is amazing with its freely selectable Q-factor from 0.3 to 9.9. „Our aim was to have an app that displays all these functions clearly so as to attract the interest of those new to DSP who were previously put off by the supposed complexity“, says Denny Krauledat about the app. Once you have tuned the sound to the vehicle acoustics and your personal preferences, the settings can be saved in the amp and on the smartphone.

Quick installation

The A580DSP 4-channel amplifier is connected to the original radio using the 1.5 m long ISO standard cable supplied, and can be installed out of sight at various places in the vehicle. Furthermore, there are numerous optional plug and play connection cables for diverse vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Ford and Opel, as well as Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Peugeot. By using the latest class D digital amplifier technology, heat build-up and current draw of the 4 x 76 W rms amp are always under control, efficient heat dissipation being taken care of by the aluminum housing, just 185 x 114 x 49 mm in size.

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