„Probably the fastest way to improve sound with DSP“, is the verdict of German Car & Hifi magazine (01/2017) on AXTON’s A580DSP power amplifier, awarding it the ‚Practical tip‘ accolade.

Maximum increase in sound from the original system for minimum installation effort – that is the aim of AXTON“s ultra compact DSP power amp. Already in spring 2016 the A480DSP had impressed the trade press. Now the latest model of the DSP series, the 4-channel amplifier A580DSP, has just been tested by German Car & Hifi magazine in issue 01/2017. And it was enthusiastic about the innovative control concept via smartphone, and the ease of installation.

AXTON’s new top model A580DSP is, according to Car & Hifi, „probably the fastest way to improve sound with DSP.“ IThe 4-channel amp is therefore a perfect alternative for music lovers who are put off by installing a complete car hi-fi system. Designed as a plug and play power amp, the A580DSP is quick and straightforward to install in any vehicle. „It is looped into the original cabling using the ISO wiring loom supplied without needing to cap a single wire.“

The sound of the factory radio is improved as you want in just a few steps – all made possible by the integrated digital sound processor. „It offers „, says Car & Hifi, „the full range of features that you expect of mature DSP solutions.“ That includes, for example, full parametric 7-band equalizer for the front and rear – quality and frequency can be input for each band. Added to that are other effective sound tools like time alignment for all five processor channels, a 3-way active crossover with high, low, and bandpass filters (6/12/18/24 dB slope), 3D surround sound, and a dynamic bass function.

What can be particularly exciting is the innovative control concept that makes tuning the DSP functions child’s play. For this purpose the A580DSP has a Bluetooth board for communicating with the smartphone. Using an app available for iOS and Android the sound can then be conveniently tuned from the cellphone.

In the test lab the plug and play power amp scored high marks with the testers: „In a housing just 20 cm long there are four amplifier channels with enough power to make a huge difference to the car radio.“

„Really clear sound, crisp across the whole frequency range“ rounds off the performance. „With the 580 you can also listen to more sophisticated music in complete relaxation“, as the testers put it in their summary.

„With its plug and play cabling and smartphone control, the A580DSP is perfect for effectively improving the sound of a factory system“, is the final verdict of the tech journalists, awarding AXTON’s new amplifier the ‚Practical tip‘ accolade.

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