The new AXTON bass boxr ATB216 has been awarded the the „Price Tip“ accolade from Car & Hifi magazine (issue 1/2018).

It’s hard to find a car driver who wants to drive through the district with a huge subwoofer box clogging up the complete trunk. A lot of bass fans therefore avoid that with a mini subwoofer – only to find quite often that they are then disappointed by the poor performance. With the new AXTON ATB216 bandpass box, Car & Hifi magazine (issue 1/2018) has now tested a compact subwoofer that they found convincing regarding bass performance and dimensions. Awarded the „Price Tip“ accolade, the ATB216 is the best subwoofer that one can buy for 149 euros.

Car audio specialist AXTON has long been well-known for cleverly constructed subwoofer boxes true to the motto „minimum size, maximum power“. In this respect the new ATB216 is no exception: according to the Car & Hifi testers, it demonstrates „how to get really good bass out of a small volume.“

Only 25.5 cm high and deep, the ATB216 integrates with a sloping rear wall without any trouble, hardly taking up any space in the trunk. The trade journalists praise not only the „robust and compact“ construction of the bandpass housing, but also the intelligent design with two „well made, potent“ 16 cm woofers. „With two 16ers you can really let it rip, especially when they are so solidly built like the AXTON drivers“, is the judgment of the testers. A fat, 25-mm thick magnet ring provides the power, and the generous winding height of the voice-coil wire enables an impressive 6 mm linear stroke in each direction.“

The bass box was also thoroughly convincing in the test lab: „It’s nice to see the good sensitivity of 88 dB, which is very satisfying even with small power amps. (…) One can therefore say that the the ATB216 has achieved a very successful balance.“
In the sound check the new AXTON bandpass profiles as a subwoofer that „does everything right“ is the expert opinion: „It plays cleanly and gives bass drums their full punch“, was the decision of the Car & Hifi testers on the performance of the ATB216. „The sound is full and powerful. Its sound level capability, however, is among the best, which is surprising considering the size. The unit delivers a really fat pressure that shakes the mirrors.“

That the ATB216 passed the test with flying colors not only reinforces the major „Price Tip“ accolade, but also underlines the final judgment of the trade journalists: „One can only describe the ATB216 as a big hit. It makes itself inconspicuous in the trunk, while delivering full bass pressure. The whole thing at just 150 euros is also really good value.“

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