„Solid speakers with a good sound“ is the verdict of the German Car & HiFi magazine (5/2019) on AXTON’s new car speakers rating it as Best Product

In the entry-level price segment the ATC components from AXTON are among the best-selling branded speakers in Germany. But coaxial systems in the same series are also available to deliver a great sound for little money. The Car & HiFi trade magazine has thoroughly tested the ATX100 (10 cm), ATX130 (13 cm) and ATX165 (16.5 cm) in issue 5/2019. It was entirely impressed by the quality and performance of the new AXTON units: „Solid speaker with a good sound“ is the verdict of the testers, awarding all three speakers the ‚Best Product‘ accolade.

That the prices of the ATX coaxials are keenly priced is beyond dispute for the well-respected testers, yet they are astonished by the quality of the new systems. „Overall the ATX do not give an impression of being cheap at all. They are properly made with cleanly deburred metal baskets. Beneath the centering spider there are even vent openings for cooling and to equalize the pressure.“

The tech journalists also highlight the very low installation depth of the chassis which ensures the new coaxials fit into a variety of openings.
With cleverly detailed solutions the ATX series is able to score further with the testers: „AXTON has allowed itself the luxury of placing the tweeters in the acoustic center of the ATX speaker.“ According to Car & HiFi this is an arrangement that helps to avoid „time alignment differences between the two cones, which is an advantage for the sound.“

In the assessment of the tech journalists, in the test lab the ATX also perform „very respectably – and not only because of the price. There is no need at all for them to fear comparison, and overall they deliver good results.“
For example, in the opinion of the testers, the 13 cm ATX130 system „turns out to have really wonderfully low distortion. Most of the more expensive speakers could learn a lot from them.“ And the sound performance of the coaxials was also convincing for the testers: „From a sound engineering point of view everything is in the green zone. (…) There is little to fault with any of the three ATX units. Drums sound decent, and the harmonics of natural instruments are easy to hear.“

„Provided you don’t make unreasonable demands you will find the ATX units to be solid speakers with a good sound“ conclude the tech journalists on AXTON’s „coaxials for smart buyers“. „You can’t really go wrong with them.“

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