1. The self-heating of the proper use of protective gear:

First worn parts need to scrub with warm towels clean, remove the brace brace thermal moxibustion face shot with warm moist towel (not water ah), then directly attached to the skin-care line in the site, about 30 minutes gradually feel fever and a skin tingling. Sticking more closely, the better the results. Use once or twice a day, each about 1 hour, except during sleep should not wear, but also can be worn on their own time and frequency adjust according to their own situation. Skin burning when using a small number of people with sensitive skin, redness, is a normal phenomenon and will not damage the skin, can be shortened when worn.

Touching the skin and protective gear should not feel hot, but the use of parts of the skin itself has a strong sense of thermal and acupuncture.

Feeling more heat when you can take off the brace, and will continue burning sensation off.

Part of the population in a state not coated wet surface heat can quickly feel the heat. But some people do not use wet coating is difficult to quickly heat or heat is not high, this has a relationship with the user’s physical condition at the time and season.

2. You must be close to the skin to use it?

Preferably close to the skin, so that heat is most effective, and most intense. Across the clothes using the heat effect will be weakened, but negative ions, magnetic therapy these effects can still work to be effective, the heating function in contact with the skin is the best state, the more tightly affixed to the skin, fever, faster, more strong!

3. Hot hot, unbearable, how do? It will not burn the skin?

Hot just feel the skin, it is the accumulation of large amounts of energy in a short time the skin surface feeling, not really high-temperature burning skin, so do not worry about skin burns. Energy until the skin surface gradually penetrate into muscle or bone gap after heat hot feeling will weaken or disappear. In the more intense heat or tingling sensation when the product directly from the skin, over time will naturally disappear ease.