EMPHASER’s speaker systems with front bass tailor-made for Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class impress with their audiophile sound

Many Mercedes drivers face a dilemma: they find the sound of their factory speakers unsatisfactory, but it is also difficult to get good sounding aftermarket speakers that are easy to fit. A total solution is now offered by car audio specialist EMPHASER with speakers for the 205 and 213 series from Mercedes-Benz – audiophile systems that are perfectly tailored to the target vehicles not only in terms of their construction but also acoustically.
EMPHASER’s new series for Mercedes consists of 6 systems: a 2-way component system for the front doors, a coax for the rear doors, a coax for the headliner or parcel shelf and a center speaker. The line is completed by two front basses, the EM-MBSUBR for fitting in the passenger footwell, and the EM-MBSUBL for the footwell on the driver’s side.

EMPHASER’s new Mercedes-Benz speakers are true Plug and Play systems. The chassis fit perfectly into the original spaces of the compatible Mercedes models. All connectors are vehicle specific plug“n“play type for direct connection in the target cars. Thus, installation requires a minimum of effort without any modifications to the vehicle. The kit includes everything needed to complete a speaker retrofit: a low-pass filter for the subwoofer and a high-pass filter for the satellite systems. In addition, the component system is equipped with a high quality crossover.

The core element of the speakers is the great sounding aluminum cone of the mid-range speakers – with the cone geometry being optimally matched to the installation situation in the Mercedes. The high sound conductivity and stability of aluminum forms the basis for faithful and detail-rich music reproduction. The polyimide voice coil and the Connex centering spider ensures a consistent quality and long service life.
The tweeter, a 25 mm (compo) or 19 mm (coaxials) a silk dome, rounds off the acoustic performance of the speaker with its spatiality and brilliance.
All components are perfectly matched to each other, for highest musical enjoyment. The sound is transparent and precise, with extraordinary richness of detail and immense spatial depth. Voices are sensed at dashboard height, and the instruments are clearly placed on this imaginary stage – which makes for a very pleasant music listening experience.

Two front basses expand the range of EMPHASER speakers for Mercedes. The EM-MBSUBR is designed for the passenger footwell and, together with the component system, is wonderfully suited for realizing an efficient sound upgrade without using a separate amplifier. The woofer with 20 cm fiber glass cone makes perfect use of the volume imposed by the vehicle, and is impressive for its spontaneity and high sound fidelity.
The EM-MBSUBR can be supplemented by the EM-MBSUBL front bass designed for installation in the footwell on the driver’s side. However, an additional amplifier will then be necessary due to the common 2-ohm impedance of both subwoofers and the fact that a standard radio will not provide enough current and power to drive these subs.

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