With 4.9 out of 5 points, the round trip provider Intakt-Reisen earns a top score among Germany’s tour providers.

Berlin, May 18, 2017 – Since 1995, the Berlin-based specialist travel provider Intakt-Reisen has gradually developed a broad customer base with a high quality standard with the motto „Actively experiencing nature“. For many years, all company processes have followed an annual quality management practice, certified by DIN ISO 9001.

Feedback from travel customers was recorded transparently, using a ratings platform in cooperation with eKomi, Europe’s largest independent provider of transaction-based customer opinions and product evaluations. Prior to December 2016, the company collected reviews internally. Since partnering with eKomi in December 2016, visitors have been able to instantly read reviews posted on the ratings platform. Over all ratings, the total score was 4.9 out of a maximum of 5. This is how Intakt-Reisen made it into the top tier of a group of over 14,000 evaluated companies. This honor is awarded the gold plaque, eKomi“s highest rating level.

The detailed evaluations can be viewed via the eKomi window at https://www.intakt-reisen.de The majority of the evaluations were based on customer-oriented individual advice, fast response times and a comprehensive knowledge of the target areas and travel offers.

The variety of offers is a challenge, as the travel program features nearly 100 countries and offers several tour proposals of different character for each. At the same time, the customers appreciate the comprehensive and specialized advice on round trips with a more active style: the broad target group of different ages and physical requirements needs a high degree of understanding. In addition, among the classic long-distance destinations in Africa, the Americas and Asia, there are also less well-known countries such as Mozambique, Nicaragua and Mongolia available.

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