XZENT’s new 2-DIN multimedia system X-522 supports Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, enabling optimal use of a smartphone in the car.

XZENT, a brand of the Swiss car media specialist ACR, stands for good quality products at attractive prices – and that has been so for years. With the X-522 XZENT has now brought out a new 2-DIN infotainer. However, the new X-522 offers a wide range of multimedia functions, and is also the ideal partner for smartphones as it supports both Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

The USB port at the front of the device can be used for docking iPhones and Android smartphones directly with the X-522 to display mobile phone apps on the large 17.1 cm / 6.75″ touchscreen monitor. Navigate, telephone, receive and send messages, or just listen to music. All the supported functions are conveniently controlled via Apple Siri, the Google voice assistant, or the touchscreen of the XZENT infotainer.
As you would expect, you can also control all functions comfortably from the large display.
Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the X-522 is just as safe and intuitive to operate like a smartphone. The design of the new XZENT infotainer has been optimized to ensure ease of use and safe driving. The most important controls are reduced to a button bar for fast control of the X-522.
The capacitive touch-sensitive display impresses with its high brightness level, clarity, and brilliant images and videos. The display offers outstanding picture quality and readability even in strong sunlight.

The X-522 is a top modern entertainer striking for its wide range of functions. The integrated DAB+ tuner provides clear digital radio reception, but also scores for its range of features: DABDAB and DABFM Service Following, Comfort-Scan, MOT Slideshow, as well as DLS Text are onboard. An active DAB antenna is included in the kit.
The FM RDS tuner ensures very good reception performance of conventional FM stations in areas where there is no DAB+ network available. The FM tuner of the X-522 offers 18 station presets and is optimized to get the best reception in the EU area.

Enjoy songs and videos via USB or your smartphone. The X-522 has a second USB port at the rear of the device that can be used to connect a USB memory medium for audio and video playback. A variety of data formats are supported, for example lossless FLAC audio files.
The modern Bluetooth unit enables wireless A2DP music streaming as well as hands-free functions for totally relaxed driving. Pairing, synchronization and phonebook contact editing is straightforward and easy. A speed dial menu complements the extensive range of Bluetooth functions.

The audio functions of the X-522 allow you to easily optimize the sound quality. The 8-band graphic equalizer helps to dial in the sound balance in the cockpit, to improve the sound of factory speakers. Else, six EQ presets allow a quick adjustment to user preferences.

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