ZENEC is expanding its accessory range with a high quality wide angle front/rear view camera. Thanks to its wide horizontal 190° field of view perfect visibility to the rear of the vehicle is assured.

The area to the rear of the vehicle is a considerable safety risk when parking and maneuvering. One can easily fail to see persons or obstacles – thereby creating hazardous situations. With the new ZE-RVC85WA, ZENEC now has a super wide angle camera in its product range that offers an enormous horizontal field of view of 190°. This therefore ensures not only an optimal view of the situation to the rear of the vehicle, but also to the sides as well. Parking at places where it is difficult to see is made considerably easier by using the ZE-RVC85W.

The new ZENEC rear view cam comes with a sensor sporting the latest CMOS technology, ensuring a detailed, high contrast image – even during twilight. To obtain a plane representation, the camera image has been optically rectified. Disturbing fish eye distortions are therefore a thing of the past.

As the image output of the ZE-RVC85WA can be normal or mirrored, the model is suitable for use as a front or rear view camera. Included in the kit are two housing adapters that allow simpler installation. A 3-part system cable comprising 2 x 0.7 m and 1 x 7 m long separable sections provides the ZE-RVC85WA with a flexible installation arrangement.

High quality materials and a robust construction guarantee high weather resistance, and a long life. The ZE-RVC85WA conforms to protection class IP69K, the highest standard for protection against contact, dust, water, and moisture. Thanks to the wide working temperature range from -30° C to +75° C the view to the rear is clear at all times, even under extreme temperature and weather conditions.

The ZENEC wide angle cam ZE-RVC85WA has been developed for universal use, and can be retrofitted into many vehicles thanks to its compact form. It is the perfect addition for any in-car moniceiver, naviceiver, or monitor. On engaging reverse gear the camera switches on, and is controlled from the head unit. The ZE-RVC85WA is compatible with a large selection of 2-DIN A/V device models on the aftermarket, including the ZENEC 2-DIN infotainers and navitainers.

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