EMPHASER’s DSP power amps EA-D800, EA-D500, and the digital sound processor EA-D8 optimize the sound and can be conveniently controlled from a smartphone.

The traditional car audio brand EMPHASER expands its line-up with an innovative power amp series. The DIGIT series consists of the EA-D800 (8-channel) and EA-D500 (5-channel) amplifiers, as well as a pure 8-channel sound processor EA-D8 that are ideal for in-car sound optimization. With its many setting options, easy control from a mobile phone, compact size, and minimal installation effort, the new DIGITs allow an audible improvement in the sound of the factory system or retrofit systems.
The heart of each DIGIT power amp is the integrated DSP, which enables the music signal to be tuned in a multitude of ways. Equipped with a parametric equalizer, time alignment, active crossover, and noise gate function, the way is clear for perfect listening pleasure with EMPHASER DIGIT.
The DSP settings can be conveniently controlled from the smartphone. The control app is free of charge and can be found on www.emphaser.com (Android) or in the Apple App Store, respectively. It can also be tried out before purchasing the device. In addition, it is possible to stream audio over Bluetooth directly from the smartphone to the amplifier. The changeover between radio and mobile phone playback is fully automatic.
The 8-channel amplifier EA-D800 is well suited for getting more sound quality out of factory systems or providing retrofit systems with the necessary power. For this purpose the preamp includes two amplifier sections. An audiophile class A/B module which delivers 4 x 30 W RMS for smaller speakers or tweeters. For woofers, subwoofers and power hungry component systems, a class D amplifier section offers a broad application spectrum with 4 x 60 W into 4 ohms, 4 x 120 W into 2 ohms and bridged with 2 x 176 W RMS into 4 ohms.
The parametric 15-band equalizer for each channel allows resonance spots and other acoustic inconsistencies to be selectively improved. Time alignment helps to achieve a precise sound staging, while the integrated crossover ensures that the connected speakers reproduce only the part of the frequency spectrum for which they are suited.
A special feature of the new EA-D800 is channel management, whereby each output can be assigned one or more input signals as desired. That also includes merging a tweeter and woofer input signal to form a complete output signal. This summing function is particularly necessary in the case of some OEM premium sound systems.
The total equipment package makes the EA-D800 the ultimate tool for upgrading a factory sound system.

The EA-D500 is designed for high quality classic applications. The compact 5-channel amplifier rated at 4 x 32 W RMS helps factory systems achieve better performance, and can also provide powerful support for retrofit speaker systems. The fully-fledged subwoofer channel rated at 176 W RMS offers ample power for a range of subwoofer solutions. Furthermore, with the processed preamp outputs the system can be upgraded even further.
The EA-D8 is designed as a pure 8-channel sound processor without an integrated amplifier; otherwise it offers the same range of functions as the EA-D800: parametric equalizer (7-band per channel), time alignment, active crossover, and input/output management.

Installation of the DIGIT amplifier is child’s play. All models can be controlled using the connectors supplied, or the optional vehicle-specific Plug & Play cables. Both amplifier models obtain the power they require via a separate connecting terminal.

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