New from AXTON: the space saving, very punchy active subwoofer ATB25RS can be mounted in the spare wheel itself or in the spare wheel well.

Spare wheel subwoofers are the first choice for anyone wanting a really easy punchy bass upgrade. The easy to install bass boxes, combining a power amp and woofer in a single enclosure, can be quickly connected without wasting space in the car. They provide a significant improvement in the sound performance of car radios or multimedia and navigation systems.
Compact, powerful and of modern design – is the slogan adopted by the long-established car audio brand AXTON to launch their new active subwoofer ATB25RS. The ATB25RS is designed for music lovers who do not want to compromise on luggage space or on a bass background on the road. With its dimensions of 360 x 147 mm, this round ‚bass wonder‘ fits not only in almost any spare wheel well, but can even be placed in the rim of a spare wheel larger than 15″ in diameter. The AXTON spare wheel subwoofer is therefore also suitable for leased cars, which should be altered as little as possible.
The aim is not to waste a millimeter of space: so the amp output, woofer driver, and the internal volume of this active subwoofer are optimally matched to each other. The ATB25RS is equipped with a potent 25 cm (10″) woofer that brings powerful bass tones into the vehicle. A punchy 115 watts RMS of power is provided by the very high quality integral amplifier module.
As a maximum configuration that is highly practicable, this space saving active subwoofer naturally has all the essential settings options on-board. That includes the integrated electronic 12 dB/octave low-pass filter, tunable between 50 – 150 Hz, and a 0/180° phase switch. The remote control supplied allows the level to be conveniently set from the driver’s seat.
The AXTON active subwoofer also features high-level inputs with auto turn-on/off that are indispensable today: As a result the universal ATB25RS is well equipped for simple direct connection to factory radios or multimedia and navigation systems.

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