Enough bass even for those who like it loud – AXTON’s active subwoofer ATB25P wins in the German magazine Car & Hifi comparison test (issue 01/2017)

Compact underseat subwoofers are an efficient way of conjuring up more bass as simply and unobtrusively in your car. The latest bass speaker from AXTON, the active subwoofer ATB25P, has been thoroughly checked out by German magazine Car & Hifi in issue 01/2017. With resounding success: In the field of six tested candidates the ATB25P has become test winner in the compact class.

The new AXTON impressed the tech journalists as soon as they saw it: „With the ATB25P we are looking at a very high quality active subwoofer. It is made entirely from cast aluminum, and a glance at the connections and controls on the front shows that nothing has been spared.“

Inside the housing the finely built ATB25P offers top quality components. Its powerful

25 cm woofer is driven by a generous magnet. Technical finesse is exhibited in the two passive cones supporting the radiation of lower frequencies. The result is a much better bass extension down low and more punch compared with conventional underseat subwoofers.

A further highlight is the integrated amplifier: „The power amplifier is pleasing with its discrete layout using proper transistors next to a large power supply transformer“, say the testers. „Accordingly the AXTON pushes out a full 150 watts into the measuring meter!“

On the feature side the ATB25P is also well endowed: low-pass and subsonic filter, bass boost, phase shift, high-level input with auto turn-on function and bass level remote control are included in the feature list of AXTON’s new underseat subwoofer.

Components – top, feature set – rich: But what about the sound? „The AXTON punches out bass beats, always giving the impression it has juice to spare“, according to the summary of the Car & Hifi testers. „Even at high listening volumes it is still clean and accentuated.“

„Enough bass even for those who like it loud“, is the final verdict by the tech journalists, rewarding the ATB25P with the test winner accolade in the compact class.

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