Power for perfection – EMPHASER’s three new amps combine power and sound

The traditional brand EMPHASER presents three powerful amps in its Monolith line: the full-range mono amplifier EA-M1 and two 4-channel power amps, the EA-M4 and EA-M4x.
Superior quality, timeless design, exceptional performance – the monolith series offers not only punchy power, but also an outstanding dynamic range and excellent signal fidelity. Minimal distortion and a warm, clear sound are properties that distinguish these top class digital amplifiers.
A Monolith is not one to keep a low profile – true to this motto the design has been given the necessary space to visually underscore the special character of this exceptional amplifier. The carefully machined edges, the engraved logo, and the very name of the model itself on the top plate, together with the sand blasted surface give it an impressive appearance. Just as perfectly finished are the massive feet that raise the Monolith.
The connections are also massive. All models are equipped with encapsulated 35 mm2 terminals and RCA sockets fixed to the side panel with threaded nuts. Equipment-wise, each amp offers a comprehensive crossover that can be routed as high or low pass as desired. The crossover point can be set from 20 Hz (high pass) and 50 Hz (low pass) up to 5000 Hz, and can therefore also be used for active system designs.
In combination with the massive aluminium heat sinks, the class D amplifier circuit produces enormous power output. The flag ship EA-M4x already has an impressive 4 x 230 W RMS available when working into 4 ohms; in bridged mode this becomes a mighty 2 x 670 W RMS. The EA-M4 model with a respectable 4 x 105 W RMS into 4 ohms is intended for more simple tasks – but does really well in the 2-channel bridge mode with 2 x 340 W RMS and extremely low distortion figures. The EA-M1 produces a powerful 1 x 600 W RMS into 4 ohms and 1 x 1500 W RMS into 1 ohm; however it is intended as a full-range amplifier so that high performance dual mono designs are also realizable for power hungry component systems. The EMPHASER Monolith devices are as grown up and powerful as it gets…

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