With the compact ATB216 the car audio specialist AXTON now has an impressively powerful subwoofer in its product range.

Punchy subwoofer boxes that provide maximum driving pleasure have long been supplied by AXTON. Now the car audio specialist has expanded its line-up with a bandpass subwoofer that looks very convincing with its practical size and awesome performance.
The bandpass box ATB216 is designed for music lovers who do not want to compromise on luggage space or bass power on the road. Of minimal size 25 x 54 x 30 cm, the ATB216 keeps playing where other subwoofer dwarfs run out of steam, producing enormous bass waves with the greatest of ease, setting an impressive stage for every electro beat, every guitar riff, and every bass drum.
AXTON’s bandpass is a completely new design whereby the size of the enclosure, practical suitability, and fitting have been perfectly matched. In the stable and rigid enclosure there are two powerful 16-cm woofers at work that pack a punch: equipped with very stiff, air dried paper cones with rubber surround and large 1.5″ / 38 mm voice coils on aluminum formers, the drivers ensure powerful bass with fast response. The high linear Xmax value of +/- 6.3 mm also speaks for itself…
The enclosure is made of strong MDF and covered with robust felt. The port is flow optimized to minimize air turbulence. The rear of the enclosure is beveled so that it takes up as little space as possible when positioned on the backrest of the rear seat. Via the spring loaded binding post terminal, also on the rear side, the plug and play bass box is quickly connected to the amplifier, and can be removed from the trunk just as fast if required.
The awesome output of 250 watts and 92 dB/1 W/1 m, outstanding build quality, and the attractive price make the smart ATB216 a convincing total package for the straightforward implementation of an in-car bass system.

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