It does not have to be a factory fitted sat nav – with the Z-E6150 ZENEC has now brought out a tailor-made navitainer for Toyota

Thought about retrofitting a tailor-made multimedia station in your Toyota so that you don’t have to do without modern entertainment during the journey? With the Z-E6150 from the E>GO Essential 2 series the Swiss multimedia specialist ZENEC has a state-of-the-art infotainer for Toyota in its product range: a system that integrates perfectly into the vehicle, that is an ideal entertainer, is easy to operate, and gives you an innovative smartphone interface. A system that can be expanded to become a full-fledged navitainer if desired.

Developed for diverse Toyota models

The design, button illumination, connectivity – everything about this E>GO is exactly matched to Toyota vehicles. The Z-E6150 has a variable RGB sensor button illumination in blue, white, red and green. Together with its high quality glass front it integrates seamlessly into the cockpit look. Without any additional interfaces it also supports the original multifunction steering wheel of compatible Toyota models – the Auris, Avensis, Camry, Celica, Corolla, GT86, Hilux, Previa, Estima, RAV4 and Yaris.

Every journey is a pleasure

ZENEC has long been well-known for the ease of use of its systems. In this respect the Z-E6150 is no exception. The E>GO is convincing in its high quality ‚reduced‘ design and clearly structured menus, which can be controlled completely intuitively from the large 6.8″/17.3 cm TFT capacitive touch screen.

Listening to radio has never been such a pleasure! This is because the Z-E6150 has an integrated DAB+ twin tuner for receiving digital radio of first class quality: while one tuner deals with the audio playback the second is constantly keeping the ensemble list updated with background scans.

Want to enjoy music like at home, or offer your passengers a high quality video? For media playback the Z-E6150 provides a CD/DVD drive and two USB ports, although the smartphone can also be used for the entertainment program.

Innovative smartphone integration

The Z-E6150 offers several options for using smartphones in the car in comfort – not just for making calls using the hands-free system or streaming music via Bluetooth. There is an HDMI input for connecting compatible smartphones and media devices to the E>GO to playback audio and screen content.

But that“s not all: the SmartLink Direct function allows you to connect your smartphone directly to the USB input of the Z-E6150. The screen content of your cellphone is then mirrored on the user interface of the ZENEC infotainer – the apps of Android smartphones can then be directly controlled from the touchscreen of the Z-E6150.

Upgradeable: from infotainer to naviceiver

If using smartphone sat nav apps for occasional navigation is not satisfying, for a reasonable price you can upgrade the Z-E6150 to a full function naviceiver with the Z-EMAP50 navigation package. Available as an option, this provides the latest ZENEC NextGen navigation software with 3D maps of 47 EU countries, more than 6.5 million points of interest, Lane Assist, and TMC – including free map updates for one year.

The combination of Z-E6150 and sat nav software package makes a perfectly matched functional unit with a number of advantages in practice: for example, the playback of music during active route guidance, or the continuation of route guidance after short stops (refueling).

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