The new infotainment benchmark for Golf V/VI and its relatives ZENEC’s multimedia navigation system for VW, Seat and Skoda is awarded the „Highlight“ accolade from Car&Hifi magazine (03/2018).

In 2008 the Swiss car media specialist ZENEC launched the first vehicle-specific permanently installed navigation system in the E>GO range. Now in 2018 the E>GO is already in the fifth generation. The flagship of the new models, the Z-E2050 infotainer for Golf V and VI platforms, has been put through a tough test by the well-known Car & Hifi trade magazine in issue 03/2018. And with resounding success: „With the ZENEC Z-E2050 you get a brand-name device with first-class features and brilliant performance that is really easy to use at an amazingly good price“, is the verdict of the testers about the Z-E2050, awarding it the ‚Highlight‘ accolade.

In the detailed test report Car & Hifi has particular praise for the perfect in-vehicle integration for which the ZENEC E>GO range is well known: „In terms of fit and electrical interfaces, including CAN bus adapters, the Z-E2050 is perfectly tailored to the Golf V/VI, and many other vehicles from the VW Group based on this platform.“
The latest ZENEC also integrates „perfectly with the VW on-board vehicle electronics“, according to the journalists. Depending on the original equipment of the vehicle, functions like steering wheel remote control, climate control, OPS parking radar, rear-view camera, and MFA+ are supported.

ZENEC’s new brand-name device is a hit with the testers with its „extremely attractive price“ of 559 euros: „This puts the Z-E2050 almost at the price level of cheap Chinese imports, and that with a full guarantee and access to a well-known European distributor if servicing is needed“.
According to Car & Hifi ZENEC „really goes to town“ with the feature set – starting with the extraordinarily large 8-inch (20.3 cm) capacitive touchscreen. „In operation the display screen is brilliant and reacts promptly at the touch of a finger. Operation of all functions is smooth and trouble-free.“
Equipped with CD/DVD drive, microSD slot, two USB connections, and HDMI port, the Z-E2050 has all the multimedia tools on-board. Added to that is a receiver for DAB+ digital radio that the experienced testers certify as having „crystal clear noise-free reception“. The integrated Bluetooth unit also impresses these critical journalists: „Hands-free calling and music streaming function really well, offering every comfort.“

What particularly impressed the testers is the how really easy it is to upgrade the Z-E2050 to a sat nav system. Available in the basic version as a moniceiver for 559 euros, the infotainer can be easily expanded with the Europe-wide navigation software Z-EMAP50 (139 euros): „Just insert the SD card, and the ZENEC becomes an integrated navigation system at what is nevertheless still a very attractive total price of 700 euros.“
Yet even without the navigation package you can use the ZENEC as a turn-by-turn sign post. „This is possible thanks to the SmartLink function“ say the trade journalists, „that allows any app, including navigation, of a connected Android phone to be used on the ZENEC display.“ This is done by simply connecting the Android phone to one of the two USB ports so that the apps can be controlled directly from the ZENEC.

„The ZENEC Z-E2050 performed very well in our laboratory and field tests. And in the test lab too the ZENEC does not put a foot wrong“ is the final verdict of the testers regarding the performance of the new ZENEC device. „A big hit indeed!“ is how Car & Hifi summarizes it. „The Z-E2050 is the new infotainment benchmark for Golf V/VI and its relatives.“

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