ZENEC’s new 2-DIN multimedia system with DAB+ and extra large 9″/22.9 cm touchscreen impresses in test by German magazine Car & HiFi (issue 03/2019)

With the Z-N956 the Swiss multimedia specialist ZENEC now has a 2-DIN DAB+ infotainer with an extra large 9″/22.9 cm touchscreen in its product range. The complete package of Z-N956 plus sat nav software Z-EMAP56-MH, obtainable separately, has now been tested by Car & HiFi in issue 03/2019, which was enthusiastic. The testers rated the price/performance as outstanding, awarding ZENEC’s new infotainer the ‚Highlight‘ accolade in the Top Class category.

An infotainer with a 9″/22.9 cm display that fits in a conventional 2-DIN slot? Impossible, said the Car & HiFi testers, „because a nine inch display is actually too large for the classic double DIN format.“ The journalists were even more astounded by the clever construction of the Z-N956. „ZENEC solves the problem by sitting the display a little in front of the actual DIN housing; so when installed it protrudes somewhat and can be larger than the installation slot. As a result it fits most vehicles.“

„Complete infotainment in 9 inch format“ was the judgment passed by the well-respected testers on the multimedia section of the Z-N956. Apart from twin tuners with DAB+, FM, Bluetooth, HDMI, dual USB, multi-zone, DSP and many AV connections, other features of the Z-N956 include „comprehensive audio functions“. Thus the integrated signal processor offers a 10-band equalizer, crossovers, and 5-channel time alignment. „In addition, the Z-N956 can communicate well with smartphones“, was the praise from Car & HiFi. Android Auto is supported as well, offering the possibility of using Google Maps for navigation.

Optional navigation software on a microSD card also allows the Z-N956 to be upgraded into a fully integrated sat nav system. Two variants are available to choose from: the Z-EMAP56 in-car version, and the Z-EMAP56-MH motorhome version tested by Car & HiFi. Detailed maps covering 47 European countries, more than 6 million POIs, TMC, TPEG free, together with free map updates for 3 years are offered by both sat nav versions. The motorhome variant, however, contains extras such as a camping POI database with information on approx. 20,000 different camping and motorhome stopover sites in almost every European country.
But that“s not all: „For those also with a larger motorhome the MH sat nav provides various preset vehicle profiles to make sure you are navigated only along suitable routes“, explained the journalists. „Important parameters like weight, height, length, width and so on can be individually set and then taken into account for selection of the route. This eliminates nasty surprises such as bridges that are too low or narrow local through-roads.“
But its detailed solutions also make the Z-N956 attractive for use in motorhomes: „Three cameras on the ZENEC can be connected to the Zenec to keep all corners of the vehicle in view when maneuvering“, the magazine explained. „In addition there is an audio channel for a microphone that is triggered by the reverse gear so that it is automatically activated as soon as reverse is engaged. Therefore you don’t just see but also hear what is going on behind the vehicle – very practical, for example, if you want someone to stand there and help direct.“

The Z-N956 has an integrated Bluetooth module which, according to the Car & HiFi testers „enables comfortable hands-free calling and music streaming from a mobile phone.“ And the Z-N956 offers even more via Bluetooth. „The Z-N956 can also stream music wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. That makes a lot of sense in a motorhome. You can then sit in comfort outside at a stopover site and still enjoy the full range of media features of the ZENEC.“ This is particularly practical. So that you don’t have to go into the vehicle to control the music playback, the ZENEC can be controlled with an app from the touchscreen of the mobile phone „comfortably and intuitively“.

„The Zenec Z-N956 is a premium naviceiver. Its large display makes it attractive for most cars, but particularly also for motorhomes“, was the enthusiastic verdict of the journalists, awarding the Z-N956 the ‚Highlight‘ accolade in the Top Class category.

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